Which in-built function will add a value to the end of an array?

A. array_unshift()

B. into_array()

C. inend_array()

D. array_push()

Answer: Option D

Solution(By Examveda Team)

array_push adds a value to the end of an array, returning the total count of elementsin the array after the new value has been added.

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Absent any actual need for choosing one method over the other, does passing arrays by value to a read-only function reduce performance compared to passing them by reference?

A. Yes, because the interpreter must always create a copy of the array before passing it to the function.

B. Yes, but only if the function modifies the contents of the array.

C. Yes, but only if the array is large.

D. Yes, because PHP must monitor the execution of the function to determine if changes are made to the array.

E. No