Which of the following statements regarding an idel single-phase transformer having a turn ratio of 1 : 2 and drawing a current of 10 A from 200 V A.C. supply is incorrect?

A. Its secondary current is 5 A

B. Its secondary voltage is 400 V

C. Its rating is 2 kVA

D. Its secondary current is 20 A

Answer: Option D

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  1. Ameer Ali
    Ameer Ali :
    2 years ago

    Given that turn ratio.....N1/N2=V1/V2=I2/I1
    If V1=200 V....V2=400
    Then I1=10 A.......I2=5A

  2. Sameer Chaudhary
    Sameer Chaudhary :
    2 years ago

    N- no. Of turns / i - current
    N2/N1= i 2/ i 1
    20 Amp. -i2 secondary current. 20 amp.

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