A further 3Ps are incorporated into the marketing mix:

A. Physical evidence, process and price

B. Process people and promotion

C. Physical evidence, people and production

D. Physical evidence, process and people

Answer: Option D

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Physical evidence, process and people are a further 3Ps that are incorporated into the marketing mix.
Physical evidence is the physical environment of the business, it has formed another marketing tools because consumers are likely to be influence by what they see and most organizations today are accesses by their physical structures. In order to Influence costumers’ confidence to the organization, marketing manager must ensure a more conducive atmosphere to attract more customers while realizing marketing objectives.
The process here refers to the ways in which marketer employ to providing relevant and supportive services to their customer in order to give them more satisfaction for their patronage. Marketing manager must make key decisions such as the kind of after sales service, home delivery etc. to employ because these process when effectively employed will go a long way to create brand loyalty and also a long lasting relationship with the customer.
People refer to the marketing personals that carry out these marketing activities. These people who provide the services to the target market now forms other marketing tools since there level of creativity, skills, and product and market awareness goes a long way to influence purchase.

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