A piece of paraffin is placed in a uniform magnetic field H0. The sample contains hydrogen nuclei of mass mp, which interact only with external magnetic field. An additional oscillating magnetic field is applied to observe resonance absorption. If g1 is the g-factor of the hydrogen nucleus, the frequency at which resonance absorption takes place, is given by

A. $$\frac{{3{g_1}e{H_0}}}{{2\pi {m_p}}}$$

B. $$\frac{{3{g_1}e{H_0}}}{{4\pi {m_p}}}$$

C. $$\frac{{{g_1}e{H_0}}}{{2\pi {m_p}}}$$

D. $$\frac{{{g_1}e{H_0}}}{{4\pi {m_p}}}$$

Answer: Option D

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