A piece of paraffin is placed in a uniform magnetic field H0. The sample contains hydrogen nuclei of mass mp, which interact only with external magnetic field. An additional oscillating magnetic field is applied to observe resonance absorption. If g1 is the g-factor of the hydrogen nucleus, the frequency at which resonance absorption takes place, is given by

Consider the following statements about molecular spectra:
P. CH4 does not give pure rotational Raman lines
Q. SF6 could be studied by rotational Raman spectroscopy
R. N2 shows infrared absorption spectrum
S. CH3CH3 shows vibrational Raman and infrared absorption lines
T. H2O2 shows pure rotational spectrum
Choose the right combination of correct statements.

A system has energy level E0, 2E0, 3E0, . . . . . , where the excited states are triply degenerated. Four non-interacting bosons are placed in this system. If the total energy of these bosons is 5E0, the number of microstates is

The far infrared rotational absorption spectrum of a diatomic molecule shows equidistant lines with spacing 20 cm-1. The position of the first stokes line in the rotational Raman spectrum of this molecule is

The three principal moments of inertia of a methanol (CH3OH) molecule have the property $${I_x} = {I_y} = I$$   and $${I_z} \ne I.$$  The rotational energy eigenvalues are