A family consist of a grandfather, 5 sons and daughter and 8 grandchildren. They are to be seated in a row for dinner. The grandchildren wish to occupy the 4 seats at each end and the grandfather refuses to have a grandchild on either side of him. The number of ways in which the family can be made to sit is:

If the letters of the word CHASM are rearranged to form 5 letter words such that none of the word repeat and the results arranged in ascending order as in a dictionary what is the rank of the word CHASM?

In how many ways can 5 different toys be packed in 3 identical boxes such that no box is empty, if any of the boxes may hold all of the toys?

What is the value of 1 × 1! + 2 × 2! + 3 × 3! + . . . . . . . . n × n!
where n! means n factorial or n(n-1) (n-2) . . . . . . . . 1

When six fair coins are tossed simultaneously, in how many of the outcomes will at most three of the coins turn up as heads?

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