8 litres are drawn from a cask filled with wine and is then filled with water. This operation is performed three more times. The ratio of the quantity of wine now left in cask to that of the total solution is 16 : 81. How much wine did the cask hold originally?

The milk and water in a mixture are in the ratio 7 : 5. When 15 liters of water are added to it, the ratio of milk and water in the new mixture becomes 7 : 8. The total quantity of water in the new mixture is:

If x : y = 5 : 2, then (8x + 9y) : (8x + 2y) is :

Tom is chasing Jerry. In the same interval of time Tom jumps 8 times while Jerry jumps 6 times. But the distance covered by Tom in 7 Jumps is equal to the distance covered by Jerry in 5 Jumps. The ratio of speed of Tom and Jerry is:

The ratio of ducks and frogs in a pond is 37 : 39 respectively. The average number of ducks and frogs in the pond is 152. What is the number of frogs in the pond ?

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