An individual is cycling at a speed of 25 km per hour. He catches his predecessor who had started earlier in two hours. What is the speed of his predecessor who had started 3 hours earlier ?

A 6 cm long cigarette burns up in 15 minutes if no puff is taken.For every puff, it burns three times as fast during the duration of the puff.If the cigarette burns itself in 13 minutes, then how many puffs has the smoker taken if the average puff lasted 3 seconds?

An old man driving bike at 80 km per hour. However being sugar patient, old man could not travel continuously. He takes small breaks each of 2 minutes for every 15 minute of his drive. How much distance the old man will cover in 90 minutes?

Two trains start simultaneously from two stations Howrah and Delhi, respectively towards each other on the same track. The distance between the two stations is 560 km and the speeds of trains are 30 kmph and 40 kmph. Simultaneously with the trains, a sparrow sitting on the top of one of the train starts towards the other and reverses its direction on reaching the other train and so on. If the speed of sparrow is 80 kmph then the distance that the sparrow lies before being crushed between the train is :

Due to the technical snag in the signal system two trains start approaching each other on the same track from two different stations, 240 km away each other. When the train starts a bird also starts moving to and fro between the two trains at 60 kmph touching each train each time. The bird initially sitting on the top of the engine of one of the trains and it moves so till these trains collide. If these trains collide one and half hour after start, then how many kilometers bird travels till the time of collision of trains?

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