Pick out the wrong statement.

As pressure approaches zero, the ratio of fugacity to pressure $$\left( {\frac{{\text{f}}}{{\text{P}}}} \right)$$  for a gas approaches

The theoretical minimum work required to separate one mole of a liquid mixture at 1 atm, containing 50 mole % each of n- heptane and n- octane into pure compounds each at 1 atm is

When liquid and vapour phases of one component system are in equilibrium (at a given temperature and pressure), the molar free energy is

If the molar heat capacities (Cp or Cv) of the reactants and products of a chemical reaction are identical, then, with the increase in temperature, the heat of reaction will

If the vapour pressure at two temperatures of a solid phase in equilibrium with its liquid phase are known, then the latent heat of fusion can be calculated by the

If the heat of solution of an ideal gas in a liquid is negative, then its solubility at a given partial pressure varies with the temperature as

Pick out the wrong statement.

For the gaseous phase chemical reaction, C2H4(g) + H2O(g) ⟷ C2H5OH(g), the equilibrium conversion does not depend on the

For an irreversible process involving only pressure-volume work

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