200 kg of solids (on dry basis) is subjected to a drying process for a period of 5000 seconds. The drying occurs in the constant rate period with the drying rate as, Nc = 0.5 × 10-3 kg/m2.s. The initial moisture content of the solid is 0.2 kg moisture/kg dry solid. The interfacial area available for drying is 4 m2/1000 kg of dry solid. The moisture content at the end of the drying period is (in kg moisture/kg dry solid)

It is desired to concentrate a 20% salt solution (20 kg of salt in 100 kg of solution) to a 30% salt solution in an evaporator. Consider a feed of 300 kg/min at 30°C. The boiling point of the solution is 110°C, the latent heat of vaporisation is 2100 kJ/kg and the specific heat of the solution is 4 kJ/(kgK). The rate at which the heat has to be supplied in (kJ/min) to the evaporator is

Terminal point temperature differences between fluids in case of a heat exchanger is termed as

Stefan-Boltzman law which describes the radiation heat transfer states that, it is proportional to (where, t = temperature in °C T = absolute temperature in °K)

A single pass air heater is connected to a two pass unit. For the air flow rate and other conditions remaining the same, the film heat transfer co-efficient for air will vary in the ratio of

The film co-efficient between condensing vapour and metal wall increases with

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