Choose the correct order of the given alternative : XWC _ TS20 _ P12 _ L15K _ P _ GS7

A. 17, F, I, S, T

B. 19, E, L, R, H

C. 21, G, L, N, F

D. 23, H, K, O, H

Answer: Option D

Solution(By Examveda Team)

From the alternatives, it is clear that the series can be divided in to 5 groups of four terms each - each group comprising of three letters and a number.
XWC _ /TS20 _/P12 _ L/15K _ P/_ GS7
Observing the above series, we find that each group consists of two consecutive letters and the number represents the position of one of these letters in the English alphabet.
So, 1 st missing term must be the number corresponding to W or X i.e., 23 or 24.

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