If Linear regression model perfectly first i.e., train error is zero, then . . . . . . . .

To control the size of the tree, we need to control the number of regions. One approach to do this would be to split tree nodes only if the resultant decrease in the sum of squares error exceeds some threshold. For the described method, which among the following are true?
a. It would, in general, help restrict the size of the trees
b. It has the potential to affect the performance of the resultant regression/classification model
c. It is computationally infeasible

Which of the following is the difference between stacking and blending?

Logistic regression is a . . . . . . . . regression technique that is used to model data having a . . . . . . . . outcome.

You are given reviews of few netflix series marked as positive, negative and neutral. Classifying reviews of a new netflix series is an example of

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