If the staff is not held vertical at a level¬ling station, the reduced level calculated from the observation would be

A. true R.L.

B. more than true R.L.

C. less than true R.L.

D. none of the above

Answer: Option C

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  1. Navin Keshri
    Navin Keshri :
    3 years ago

    Suppose height of instrument is 100 m..
    Then , if a staff stands without any error
    ans that it should be straight ... F. S is 2 m ( assume).
    Then the staff R. L = 100-2 = 98m...
    Now, if the staff not held vertically means inclined. Then it must be reading more than 2 m ( assume first).
    Because of, we know that straight lines is shortest distance between two point as in the first case...
    This staff reading is 3 m ( suppose)..
    The R. L. OF the staff is 100-3 = 97 m....
    So according to this theory answer is option 3

  2. Muhammed Ajmal
    Muhammed Ajmal :
    4 years ago

    Can anyone give an explanation. Isn't that B is the correct answer?

  3. Muhammad Saqib
    Muhammad Saqib :
    4 years ago

    It should be both less or more

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