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    2 years ago

    Coefficient of coupling means the amount of flux linking with the other coil means ratio between amount of flux linkages with the other coil (¢¹²) & total flux produced ¢¹, Total flux linking means ¢¹²=¢¹. ¢¹²/¢¹=1. Answer is 1

  2. Mad Or
    Mad Or :
    4 years ago

    Answer: When all the flux from the current in coil 1 links with coil 2, it is called as ideal coupling and it's coefficient of coupling will be 1.

  3. Manmatha Behera
    Manmatha Behera :
    4 years ago

    Pls answer describe

  4. Santoshmohan Sahu
    Santoshmohan Sahu :
    5 years ago

    Pls describe

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