The number of official and non-official members in District Consumer Protection Council is prescribed by . . . . . . . .

A gas distributor insisted his customer to buy gas stove from him as a condition to give gas connection. It is held to be:
1. Unfair Trade Practice as there is a compulsion.
2. Restrictive Trade Practice as it amounts to a tying clause.
3. Unfair Trade Practice as the condition insists on purchasing something against the wishes of the customer.
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An Appeal Against Order Passed under Section 27 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 by the National Commission lies in

Which of the following statement is correct in relation to Consumer Courts?

Which of the following statements are correct in relation to 'administrative control' of forums and commission under Section 24-B of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986?
(1) National Commission shall have administrative control over all State Commissions.
(2) National Commission shall call for the periodical return of 'pendency of cases' before the State Commissions.
(3) State Commission shall have administrative control over all district forums.
(4) State Commission can issue instructions to district forums to furnish English translation of judgements written in any language.
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