Osmosis is the flow of solution from higher concentration to a solution of lower concentration through a semi permeable membrane. What is incorrect in this statement?

A. Exact concentration of solution is not given

B. Character of semi permeable membrane is not given

C. The flow of solution is not possible through semi permeable membrane

D. All are incorrect

Answer: Option C

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Osmosis is defined as the flow of solvent molecules from a region of their higher concentration to a region of their lower concentration across a semipermeable membrane. Osmosis does not explains movement of solute particles or solution.

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  1. Alkaline
    Alkaline :
    4 years ago

    only solvent diffuses across not the whole solution (Apparently?)

  2. Sahil Yadav
    Sahil Yadav :
    5 years ago


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