Section 9 of the Banking Regulation Act prohibits the banking Companies from holding any immovable property except for its own use for a period of not more property. The RBI may extend this period for a further period of ______:

A. 2 years

B. 4 years

C. 5 years

D. 6 years

Answer: Option C

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  1. Vinod Kamble
    Vinod Kamble :
    2 years ago

    the investigation authority may keep in its custody any books register other documents and record products for 6 month

  2. Vinod Kamble
    Vinod Kamble :
    2 years ago

    community preference shareholders have voting right if dividend are areas for years

  3. Parvez Khan
    Parvez Khan :
    3 years ago

    I didn't get the question..can you please explain it

  4. Akash Das
    Akash Das :
    5 years ago

    PLZ make me understand... i didnt get it

    5 years ago

    -years to 5years extend

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