Tab scroll buttons are place on Excel screen

A. Towards the bottom right corner

B. Towards the bottom left corner

C. Towards the top right corner

D. Towards the top left corner

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

On the bottom left of the worksheet we find the Sheet Tab Scroll Buttons to move to the First sheet, Previous sheet, Next sheet, and Last sheet. They are followed by the tabs for the worksheets in our workbook and the Insert Worksheet button or tab, depending on the version of Excel we are using.

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  1. Eamo Numko
    Eamo Numko :
    2 months ago


  2. Navroop Kaur
    Navroop Kaur :
    2 years ago


  3. Oma Choudhary
    Oma Choudhary :
    4 years ago

    This is sheet scroll button

  4. Shutter Speed
    Shutter Speed :
    4 years ago

    Tab scroll buttons are place on Excel screen the answer is on the bottom right corner ( excel 2013)

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