To start Microsoft PowerPoint application

A. Click on Start > Programs > All Programs > Microsoft PowerPoint

B. Hit Ctrl + R then type ppoint.exe and Enter

C. Click Start > Run then type powerpnt then press Enter

D. All of above

Answer: Option C

Solution(By Examveda Team)

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  1. N SIBA
    N SIBA :
    10 months ago

    Click on the start button.
    Then choose “All Programs”
    Next step is to select “MS Office”
    Under MS Office, click on the “MS PowerPoint”

    3 years ago

    Slide sorter can be accessed from which menu ?

  3. Mahesh Podeli
    Mahesh Podeli :
    4 years ago

    First is wrong.. Bcoz its start then all program them ms office or ms PowerPoint

  4. Onyeka Ezeani
    Onyeka Ezeani :
    5 years ago

    it's A. it's the simple answer there..

  5. Sayem Mahamud
    Sayem Mahamud :
    5 years ago

    Why not the first one?

  6. Emmanuel Adaobi
    Emmanuel Adaobi :
    5 years ago

    Hello. I think option A should be considered because Window 7 opens if this command is applied too.

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