Two basic types of operating systems are:

A. sequential and direct

B. batch and timesharing

C. sequential and realtime

D. batch and interactive

E. None of the above

Answer: Option D

Solution(By Examveda Team)

In many cases batch jobs are submitted to a job scheduler and run on the first available compute node(s). Interactive Session: Interactive sessions prompt the user for input as data or commands. Typically, in an interactive session there is a software running on a computer environment and accepts input from human.

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    M SALMAN :
    1 year ago

    Types of operating system

    Batch , timesharing , realtime

    Here batch and timesharing correct answer

  2. Haseeb Buzdar
    Haseeb Buzdar :
    2 years ago

    Batch n time sharing

  3. Priyanka Sood
    Priyanka Sood :
    2 years ago

    batch and time sharing

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