Water flows out through a circular pipe whose internal diameter is 2 cm, at the rate of 6 metres per second into a cylindrical tank, the radius of whose base is 60 cm. By how much will the level of water rise in 30 minutes ?

A. 2 m

B. 3 m

C. 4 m

D. 5 m

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Volume of water flown through the pipe in 30 min :
$$\eqalign{ & = \left[ {\left( {\pi \times 0.01 \times 0.01 \times 6} \right) \times 30 \times 60} \right]{m^3} \cr & = \left( {1.08\pi } \right){m^3} \cr} $$
Let the rise in level of water be h metres
$$\eqalign{ & \pi \times 0.6 \times 0.6 \times h = 1.08\pi \cr & \Rightarrow h = \left( {\frac{{1.08}}{{0.6 \times 0.6}}} \right) \cr & \Rightarrow h = 3\,m \cr} $$

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