A circular swimming pool is surrounded by a concrete wall 4 ft. wide. If the area of the concrete wall surrounding the pool is $$\frac{{11}}{{25}}$$ that of the pool, then the radius of the pool is :

The sides of a rectangle are 8 cm and 6 cm. The corners of the rectangle lie on a circle. Find the are a of the circle without the rectangle :

A can go round a circular path 8 times in 40 minutes. If the diameter of the circle is increased to 10 times the original diameter, then the time required by A to go round the new path once, travelling at the same speed as before, is :

Area of a rectangle is 150 sq. metre. When the breadth of the same rectangle is increased by 2 metres and the length decreased by 5 metres the area of the rectangle decreases by 30 square metres. What is the perimeter of the square whose sides are equal to the length of the rectangle ?

If the total surface area of a cube is 864 square cm, find the volume of the cube ?

A man is walking in a rectangular field whose perimeter is 6 km. If the area of the rectangular field be 2 sq. km, then what is the difference between the length and breadth of the rectangle ?

If the diagonal and the area of a rectangle are 25 m2 and 168 m2, what is the length of the rectangle ?

A path of uniform width runs round the inside of a rectangular field 38 m long 32 m wide. If the path occupies 600 m2, then the width of the path is :

The length and breadth of the floor of the room are 20 feet and 10 feet respectively. Square tiles of 2 feet length of different colours are to be laid on the floor. Black tiles are laid in the first row on all sides. If white tiles are laid in the one-third of the remaining and blue tiles in the rest, how many blue tiles will be there ?

Of the two square fields, the area of one is 1 hectare while the other one is broader by 1%. The difference in their areas is :

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