The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is equal to 14 cm and the lateral side is to the base in the ratio 5 : 4. The area of the triangle is :

The areas of two equilateral triangles are in the ratio 25 : 36. Their altitudes will be in the ratio :

A diagonal of a rhombus is 6 cm. If its area is 24 cm2 then the length of each side of the rhombus is :

The magnitude of the area of a circle is seven times that of its circumference. What is the circumference (in units) of the circle ?

A small disc of radius r is cut out from a disc of radius R. The weight of the disc which now has a hole in it, is reduced to $$\frac{{24}}{{25}}$$ of the original weight. If R = xr, what is the value of x ?

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