The ratio of the radii of two circle is 3 : 2. What is the ratio of their circumferences ?

A circular grassy plot of land, 42 cm is diameter, has a path 3.5 m wide running around it outside. The cost of gravelling the path at Rs. 4 per square metre is :

A horse is tied at the corner of a rectangular field whose length is 20 m and width is 16 m, with a rope whose length is 14 m. Find the area which the horse can graze :

A triangle with sides 13 cm, 14 cm and 15 cm is inscribed in a circle. The radius of the circle is :

A skating champion moves along the circumference of a circle of radius 28 m in 44 sec. How many seconds will it take her to move along the perimeter of a hexagon of side 48 m ?

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