A train, 300m long, passed a man, walking along the line in the same direction at the rate of 3 kmph in 33 seconds. The speed of the train is:

Two trains started at the same time, one from A to B and other from B to A. if they arrived at B and A respectively in 4 hours and 9 hours after they passed each other, the ratio of the speeds of the two trains was:

Two trains of equal length, running in opposite directions, pass a pole in 18 and 12 seconds. The trains will cross each other in:

A train travelling at 48 kmph crosses another train, having half of its length and travelling in opposite direction at 42 kmph, in 12 seconds. It also passes a railway platform in 45 seconds. The length of railway platform is:

Two trains 105 meters and 90 meters long, run at the speeds of 45 kmph and 72 kmph respectively, in opposite directions on parallel tracks. The time which they take to cross each other, is:

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