It is required to fix a pipe such that water flowing through it at a speed of 7 metres per minute fills a tank of capacity 440 cubic metres in 10 minutes. The inner radius of the pipe should be :

Which one of the following figures will generate a cone when rotated about one of its straight edges ?

If the heights of two cones are in the ratio 7 : 3 and their diameters are in the ratio 6 : 7, what is the ratio of their volumes ?

Consider the volumes of the following
1. A parallelepiped of length 5 cm, breadth 3 cm and height 4 cm
2. A cube of each side 4 cm
3. A cylinder of radius 3 cm and length 3 cm
4. A sphere of radius 3 cm
The volumes of these in the decreasing order is :

If three metallic spheres of radii 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm are melted to from a single sphere, the diameter of the new sphere will be :

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