In an incompressible fluid, the density is

A 0.5 m high bed made up of a 1 mm dia glass sphere (density 2500 kg/m3) is to be fluidised by water (density 1000 kg/m3). If at the point of incipient fluidisation, the bed voidage is 40%, the pressure drop across the bed is

A bed of spherical particles (specific gravity 2.5) of uniform size 1500 μm is 0.5 m in diameter and 0.5 m high. In packed bed state, the porosity may be taken as 0.4. Ergun's equation for the above fluid-particle system (in SI units) is given below:
Δ P/L = 375 × 103 VOM + 10.94 × 106 V2OM (SI units)
If water is to be used as the fluidising medium, in actual operation, the above bed has a height = 1 m. What is the porosity of the fluidised bed?

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