If Rs. 3,000 was outstanding at the beginning of the year towards subscription, and Rs. 20,000 is received during the year, with Rs. 5,000 still outstanding at the end of the year, the amount to be taken to Income and Expenditure Account will be:

At the time of sale of a firm, the purchase consideration received in the form of shares and debentures will be distributed among the partners, in the ratio of:

If total sales are Rs. 1,00,000 cash sales included in total sales Rs. 20,000, sales back Rs. 7,000. Total debtors for sale as on 31st March, 1993 Rs. 9,000, and bills receivable as on 31st March, 1993 is only Rs. 2,000. The average payout period would be for the year 1992 - 93.

A and B are partners in a firm sharing profit and loss in the ratio of 3 : 2. They admit C into a partnership for $${\frac{1}{8}^{{\text{th}}}}$$ share, and the new ratio between A and B is 4 : 3. The sacrificing ratio is

Net Profit = Rs. 1,50,000
Preference Dividend = Rs. 25,000
Taxes = Rs. 10,000 Equity Capital (Rs. 10 each) = Rs. 10,00,000
What is the Earning Per Share (EPS)?