"Double entry system is that system of book keeping where accounting is done through personal and impersonal accounts." This definition was given by-

A machine was purchased for Rs. 1,000 and its life was estimated to be 3 years and at the end of life its book value will be Rs. 512. If depreciation is calculated according to written down value method. The rate of depreciation would be:

If the average recovery period is 15 days and the average book receipts are Rs. 45,000, then what will be the total annual credit sales?

Interest on investments received Rs. 500 which includes Rs. 100 in respect of interest accrued in the preceding year.
What amount will be posted in the Income and expenditure Account:

X Ltd. forfeited 20 shares of Rs. 10 each (Rs. 8 called up) on which John had paid application and allotment money of Rs. 5 per share. Of these, 15 shares were reissued to Parker as fully paid up for Rs. 6 per share. What is the balance in the share forfeiture account after the relevant amount is transferred to the capital reserve account?