The liability of a partner in respect of the firm's debt is limited upto the amount to:

Consider the following parties and arrange them in the correct sequence in the event of dissolution of a firm
i. Secured creditors
ii. Unsecured creditors
iii. Partners who have granted loans
iv. Partners who have contributed over and above profit-sharing ratio

If sales is Rs. 1,20,000, gross profit is $${\frac{1}{3}^{{\text{rd}}}}$$ of cost, purchase is Rs. 98,000 and closing stock is Rs. 18,000 then opening stock will be

Stock of stationery on 1st January 1991- Rs. 300, creditors for stationery on 31st December 1991- Rs. 130, payment for stationery during 1991- Rs. 1,080, stock of stationary on 31st December 1991- Rs. 50. What amount on account of stationery will be posted to income and expenditure A/c:

The total charge of depreciation and maintenance of assets on the profit and loss account will be uniform under:

According to the Money Measurement concept the following will be recorded in the books of Accounts:

The face value of a company share is Rs. 1000 per share. The company issued it at Rs. 150 per share. Mareket price of these shares is Rs. 200 per share at present. company declaired 20% dividend on these share. The amount of dividend per share will be