Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word:Jill is interested in politics but she _______ to a political party. (not/belong)

Before I got to the end of his article, I felt I knew everything there . . . . . . . . about the North America Free Trade Agreement.

More and more of my colleagues . . . . . . . . these days because the owners of the company have changed a lot of procedures. These changes won't affect me though, because I . . . . . . . . my job here only recently.

Below a set of instructions is given on preparation of instant coffee. Using the instructions, fill in the blank in the sentence given below.
(i) Boil water.
(ii) Take one teaspoon each of instant coffee and sugar.
(iii) Add boiling water and stir the mixture vigorously.
(iv) Warm milk separately.
(v) Add warm milk to the mixture and stir.
(iv) Hot instant-coffee is ready to drink.

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