An amplifier of gain 1000 is made into a feedback amplifier by feeding 9.9% of its output voltage in series with the input opposing. If fL = 20 Hz and fH = 200 kHz for the amplifier without feedback, then due to the feedback

The following circuit (where, RL ≫ R) performs the operation of
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In the circuit shown, the ports Q1 and Q2 are in the states Q1 = 1, Q2 = 0. The circuit is now subjected to two complete clock pulses. The state of these ports now becomes
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An AC voltage of 220 V(rms) is applied to the primary of a 10 : 1 step-down transformer. The secondary of the transformer is centre tapped and connected to a full-wave rectifier with a load resistance. The DC voltage appearing the load is

A bistable multivibrator with a saturation voltage ±5 V is shown in the diagram. The positive and negative thresholds at the inverting terminal for which the multivibrator will switch to the other state, are
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Which of the given relations between the Boolean variables P and Q are not correct? (In the notation used here, P' denotes not P and Q' denotes not Q)