Match List I with Sections of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 given in List II and select the correct answer from the given below:
List I List II
a. Proceedings to be conducted in camera 1. Section 24
b. Maintenance pendente lite and expense of proceedings 2. Section 25
c. Appeals from decree and orders 3. Section 22
d. Permanent alimony and maintenance 4. Section 28

A', a Hindu male, having undivided interest in a Mitakshara Coparcenary property dies leaving behind two sons and one daughter. The daughter is entitled to the following share in the property:

For the application of Section 14 of Hindu Succession Act, 1956, the acquisition of the property by a female Hindu must be

In the debate on the custody, guardianship or adoption of the child, the courts in India is governed by which of the following principle:

The term 'accretion' means:

Under Section 20 of Hindu Succession Act, 1956 the rights of a child born in justo matrimonio have a reference to: