In India a decree of restitution of conjugal rights can be executed by

Authority of a manager of a joint family to borrow in case of necessity is one, to borrow upon

Who out of the following is not a Hindu under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955?

A transfer by a Mitakshara Coparcener of his undivided interest in the joint family by gift is

The period of limitation for seeking an annulment of marriage on the ground of Fraud is

Read the following and give correct answer with the help of given below:
A married Hindu female can adopt a child
(1) Only with the consent of her husband.
(2) In case of void marriage, consent of husband is necessary.
(3) In case of voidable marriage, consent of husband is not necessary.
(4) If husband has converted to Muslim religion, his consent is not necessary.

The surviving sons, daughters and the mother of the Hindu dying intestate shall take

Can a Hindu marry second time on the basis of written consent of his first wife?