Cognitive Dissonance is:

The process by which information about others is converted into more or less enduring cognitions or thoughts about them is called

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer:
List-I (Tactics) List-II (Explanation)
A. Foot-in-the-door-technique 1. Person employing this tactic starts with a very large request. After that request is refused, a much, smaller one is made
B. Door-in-the-face technique 2. People start with a trivial request and then, when this is granted, move on to a larger request, the one they really wanted all along
C. Playing hard to get 3. Individuals try to create the impression that they are very popular or very much in demand

Items such as "would exclude from my country" or "would admit to marriage in my family" are found in which attitude measure?

Which one of the following statements is correct about bogus pipeline?