A train 125 m long passes a man, running at 5 km/hr in the same direction in which the train is going, in 10 seconds. The speed of the train is:

A. 45 km/hr

B. 50 km/hr

C. 54 km/hr

D. 55 km/hr

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

$$\eqalign{ & {\text{Speed}}\,{\text{of}}\,{\text{the}}\,{\text{train}}\,{\text{relative}}\,{\text{to}}\,{\text{man}} \cr & = {\frac{{125}}{{10}}} {\text{ m/sec}} \cr & = {\frac{{25}}{2}} {\text{ m/sec}} \cr & = {\frac{{25}}{2} \times \frac{{18}}{5}} {\text{ km/hr}} \cr & = 45\,{\text{km/hr}} \cr & {\text{Let}}\,{\text{the}}\,{\text{speed}}\,{\text{of}}\,{\text{the}}\,{\text{train}}\,{\text{be}}\,x\,{\text{km/hr}}. \cr & \text{Then, relative speed} = \left( {x - 5} \right)\,{\text{km/hr}} \cr & \therefore x - 5 = 45 \cr & \Rightarrow x = 50\,{\text{km/hr}} \cr} $$

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Comments ( 5 )

  1. Ramaprabha S
    Ramaprabha S :
    2 years ago

    How did you guys assuming that 18/5 there is no 18 in question...

  2. Rohith Prasad
    Rohith Prasad :
    2 years ago

    Short Trick
    whenever the speed of train with respect to man/ objects moving in the same direction asked.
    Just multiply the speed of man/object with time given in question .

    According to question we have 10*5 =50km/hr
    Be carefull with units .

  3. Rohith Prasad
    Rohith Prasad :
    2 years ago

    Short trick is that just multiply the time and speed of man which gives speed of train

  4. MD Rakib
    MD Rakib :
    4 years ago

    we know that,

  5. Brindha T
    Brindha T :
    5 years ago

    the train and the man is moving in same direction. So the relative speed = (speed of train-speed of man). Consider the train speed as x.
    we know that,
    Length of train=125m
    Speed of man=5 km/hr=5*5/18=25/18 m/s.
    the ans is in km/hr. To convert m/s -> km/hr multiply the ans by 18/5
    Therefore, (250/18)*(18/5)= 50 km/hr
    Ans option B.
    Hope you understand.

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