There is a ratio of 5 : 4 between two numbers. If 40% of the first number is 12, then what would be 50% of the second number ?

The ratio of number of boys and girls in a school 720 students is 7 : 5. How many more girls should be admitted to make the ratio 1 : 1 ?

On a certain date, Pakistan has a success rate of 60% against India in all the ODI's played between the two countries. The lost the next 30 ODI's. In a row to India and their success rate comes down to 30%. The total number of ODI's played between the two countries is :

A person who spends $$66\frac{2}{3}$$% of his income is able to save Rs. 1200 per month. His monthly expenses (in Rs.) is :

The cost of an article worth Rs. 100 is increased by 10% first and again increased by 10%. The total increase in rupees is :

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