If house tax is paid before the due date, one gets a reduction of 12% on the amount of the bill. By paying the tax before the due date, a person got a reduction of Rs. 2,100. The amount (in Rs.) of house tax was:

$$\frac{{11}}{5}$$ of a number A is 22% of a number B. The number B is equal to 2.5% of a third number C. If the value of C is 5500, then the sum of 80% of A and 40% of B is:

The base of a triangle is increased by 40%. By what percentage (correct to two decimal places) should its height be increased so that the area increases by 60%?

A class has five sections that have 25, 30, 40, 45 and 60 students, respectively. The pass percentage of these section are 20%, 30%, 35%, 40% and 100% respectively. The pass percentage of the entire class is:

A crate of fruits contains one spoiled fruit for every 25 fruits. 60% of the spoiled fruits were sold. If the seller had sold 48 spoiled fruits, then the number of fruits in the crate were:

Rice is now being sold at Rs. 29 per kg. During the last month, its cost was Rs. 25 per kg. By how much percentage should a family reduce its consumption, so as to keep the expenditure the same as before? (correct to nearest integer)

Some students (only boys and girls) from different schools appeared for an Olympiad exam. 20% of the boys and 15% of the girls failed the exam. The number of boys who passed the exam was 70 more than that of the girls who passed the exam. A total of 90 students failed. Find the number of students that appeared for the exam.

If 25% of half of x is equal to 2.5 times the value of 30% of one fourth of y, then x is what percent more or less than y?

A fruit seller sells 45% of the oranges that he has along with one more orange to a customer. He then sells 20% of the remaining oranges and 2 more oranges to a second customer. He then sells 90% of the now remaining oranges to a third customer and is still left with 5 oranges. How many oranges did the fruit seller have initially?

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