Heinz produces tomato puree by boiling tomato juice. Tomato puree has 20% water whereas tomato juice has 90% water.How many litres of tomato puree will be obtained from 20 litres of tomato juice ?

What is the percentage change in the result when we add 50 to a certain number x, instead of subtracting 50 from the same number x?

In a school, there are 100 students. 60% of the students are boys, 40% of whom play hockey and the girls don't play hockey, 75% of girls play badminton. There are only two games to be played. The number of student who don't play any game is:

A book consist of 30 pages, 25 line on each page and 35 characters on each line. If this content is written in another note book consisting 30 lines and 28 characters per line then the required no. of pages will how much percent greater than previous pages?

A fraction in reduced form is such that when it is squared and then its numerator is increased by 25% and the denominator is reduced t0 80% it results in $$\frac{5}{8}$$ of original fraction. The product of the numerator and denominator is :

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