A person's salary is decreased by steps of 20%, 15% and 10%. Approximately by what percent should the reduced salary be increases so as to get back the original salary ?

A building worth Rs. 133100 is constructed on land worth Rs. 72900. After how many years will the value of both be the same if land appreciates at 10% p.a. and building depreciates at 10% p.a. ?

A bag contains 600 coins of 25p denomination and 1200 coins of 50p denomination. If 12% of 25p coins and 24% of 50p are removed, the percentage of money removed from the bag is nearly :

Mr. More spent 20% of his monthly income on food and 15% on children's education. 40% of the remaining he spent on entertainment and transport together and 30% on medical. He is left with an amount of Rs. 8775 after all these expenditures. What is Mr. More's monthly income ?

If the price of erasers goes down by 25%, a man can buy 2 more erasers for a rupee. How many erasers are available for a rupee ?

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