The monthly salaries of A and B are the same. A, B and C donate 10%, 8% and 9% respectively, of their monthly salaries to a charitable trust. The difference between the donations of A and B is Rs. 400. The total donation by A and B is Rs. 900 more than that of C. What is the monthly salary of C?

Price of rice is decreased by 25 percent and therefore a person can purchase 30 kg more rice in the same expenditure. If expenditure is Rs. 5400, then what was the original price of rice per kg?

If the price of petrol is increased by 28%, by what percentage should the consumption be decreased by the consumer, if the expenditure on petrol remains unchanged? (Correct to 2 decimal places)

In an election contested between two candidates, 15% of the total voters did not cast their votes and 100 votes got disqualified. The candidate who won the election won it by securing 45% of the total votes and won by a margin of 400 votes. Find the total number of voters?

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