Two planes move along a circle of circumference 1.2 km with constant speeds. When they move in different directions, they meet every 15 seconds and when they move in the same direction, one plane overtakes the other every 60 seconds. Find the speed of the slower plane.

Two joggers left Delhi for Noida simultaneously. The first jogger stopped 42 min later when he was 1 km short of Noida and the other one stopped 52 min later when he was 2 km short of Noida. If the first jogger jogged as many kilometers as the second, and the second as kilometers as first, the first one would need 17 min less than the second. Find the distance between Delhi and Noida?

An ant moved for several seconds and covered 3 mm in the first second and 4 mm more in each successive second than its predecessor. If the ant had covered 1 mm in the first second and 8 mm more in each successive second, then the difference between the path it would cover during the same time and actual path would be more than 6 mm but less than 30 mm. find the time for which the ant moved (in seconds).

Two trains start from the same point simultaneously and in the same direction. The first train travels at 40 km /h, and the speed of the second train is 25% more than the speed of first train. Thirty minutes later, a third train starts from same point and in the same direction. It over takes the second train 90 minutes later than it overtook the first train. What is the speed of the third train?

A racetrack is in the form of a right triangle. The longer of the legs of track is 2 km more than the shorter of the legs (both these legs being on a highway). The start and end points are also connected to each other through a side road. The escort vehicle for the race took the side road and rode with a speed of 30 km/h and then covered the two intervals along the highway during the same time with a speed of 42 km/h. find the length of the race track.

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