If a person purchases a shirt, he gets 6% discount. However, if he purchases two shirts, he gets 5% on the first and 8% on the second. If the price paid by the person for two shirts is Rs. 925, then what will be the marked price of each shirts ?

The selling price of an article is Rs. 1920 and the discount given is 4%. The marked price of the article is = ?

If an electricity bill is paid before due date, one gets a reduction of 4% on the amount of the bill. By paying the bill before due date a person got a reduction of Rs. 13. The amount of his electricity bill was = ?

The single discount equal to three consecutive discounts of 10%, 12% and 5% ?

The difference between discount of 35% and two successive discount of 20% on a certain bill was 22, the amount of the bill is = ?

A owes B, Rs. 1573 payable $${\text{1}}\frac{{\text{1}}}{{\text{2}}}$$ years hence. Also B owes A, Rs. 1444.50 payable 6 months hence. If they want to settle the account forthwith, keeping 14% as the rate of interest, then who should pay and how much ?

The marked price of the a watch is Rs. 1600. The shopkeeper gives successive discount of 10% and x% to the customer. It the customer pays Rs. 1224 for the watch, the value of x is = ?

A single discount equivalent to discount series 20% , 20% and 10% is = ?

The single discount equivalent to the discount series of 20%, 10% and 5% is = ?

Successive discount of p% and q% on the catalogue price of an article is equivalent to a single discount of = ?

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