Error detection at the data link level is achieved by

A. Bit Stuffing

B. Cyclic Redundancy Code

C. Hamming Code

D. Equalization

Answer: Option B

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  1. Ameen Jebin
    Ameen Jebin :
    4 years ago

    B.Cyclic Redundancy codes

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HDLC (High-level Data Link Control) is

A. a method of determining which device has access to the transmission medium at any time

B. a method access control technique for multiple-access transmission media

C. a very common bit-oriented data link protocol issued by ISO.

D. network access standard for connecting stations to a circuit-switched network

E. None of the above

Error detecting code is

A. an error-detecting code based on a summation operation performed on the bits to be checked

B. a check bit appended to an array of binary digits to make the sum of all the binary digits.

C. a code in which each expression conforms to specify rules of construction, so that if certain errors occur in an expression, the resulting expression will not conform to the rules of construction and

D. the ratio of the data units in error to the total number of data units

E. None of the above