Which of the following is a wrong example of network layer?

A. Internet Protocol (IP) - ARPANET

B. X.25 Packet Level Protocol (PLP)-ISO

C. Source routing and domain naming-USENet

D. X.25 level 2-ISO

Answer: Option D

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  1. Behailu Taye
    Behailu Taye :
    5 months ago

    Please explain ansuwe

    2 years ago

    plz explain

  3. Dhanashekar V
    Dhanashekar V :
    2 years ago

    any one here to explain this ques?

  4. Suraj Kumar
    Suraj Kumar :
    3 years ago

    Please this this question

  5. Aditya Gaidhane
    Aditya Gaidhane :
    3 years ago

    what is 2-iso

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