Protocols are

A. Agreements on how communication components and DTE

B. Logical communication channels used for transferri

C. Physical communication channels used for transferr

D. None of the above

Answer: Option A

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  1. Asmaa Salman
    Asmaa Salman :
    10 months ago

    what is DTE?

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Which of the following statement is correct?

A. Satellite transponders contain a receiver and transmitter designed to relay microwave transmissions from one point on earth to another.

B. Satellite transponders contain a device that echos the radiation without change from one point on earth to another.

C. Satellite transponder contains devices that transform the message sent from one location on earth to a different code for transmission to another location.

D. Satellite transponders use lower frequency reception of radiation from earth stations and higher frequency for transmission to earth stations

E. None of the above

Demodulation is the process of

A. converting digital signals to analog signals

B. converting analog signals to digital signals

C. combining many low speed channels into one high speed channel

D. dividing the high-speed signals into frequency bands

E. None of the above