The method of communication in which transmission takes place in both directions, but only one direction at a time is called

A. Simplex

B. Four wire circuit

C. Full Duplex

D. Half Duplex

Answer: Option D

Solution(By Examveda Team)

A. Simplex:
Simplex communication is a method of communication where transmission occurs in only one direction. It does not support two-way communication.

B. Four wire circuit:
A four-wire circuit refers to a communication channel that uses separate wires for transmission and reception, allowing for simultaneous two-way communication. However, this option does not describe the scenario where only one direction is allowed at a time.

C. Full Duplex:
Full duplex communication is a method where transmission can occur simultaneously in both directions. It allows for two-way communication simultaneously, which is not the case in the given scenario.

D. Half Duplex:
Half duplex communication is the correct answer. In this method, transmission can take place in both directions, but only one direction can occur at a time. The communication switches between the two directions, allowing communication in both directions but not simultaneously.

Therefore, the correct answer is:
D. Half Duplex

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  1. Brilliant Lyngdoh
    Brilliant Lyngdoh :
    11 months ago

    Its Full Duplex

  2. CAMPAIGN Power
    CAMPAIGN Power :
    3 years ago

    The Protocol
    o A) defines what data is transmitted and received
    o B) defines how data is transmitted and received
    o C) defines when data is transmitted and received
    o D)None of the above

  3. Satish Nokwal
    Satish Nokwal :
    7 years ago

    what is duplex

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