A consumer is not satisfied with district forum. In how many days he can challenge the same and approach the State Commission?

National Commission was constituted in 1988 by the Central government headed by a sitting or retired Judge of the Supreme Court. The compensation value is not more than one crore. To whom the party can filed against the order of National Commission?

State Government may notify that State Commission may perform its function at other places other than state capital. Who needs to be consulted by the State Government for such notification under Consumer Protection Act?

X' took a big television from IS & Co. on rent. The rent agreement provided that the company shall not be liable for any personal injury to the hirer or to any other person while using it. However, due to defect in the television, 'Y', wife of 'X' was injured. 'Y' brought an action against 'S & Co.' Which one of the following is correct?

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