Identify the correct sequence of the following input functions?
1. Political communication
2. Political socialisation and recruitment
3. Interest aggregation
4. Interest articulation
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There are certain mechanisms to secure direct democracy. Which of the following pairs is/are not correctly matched in this connection?
1. Referendum ⇔ A special procedure of referring a particular billon constitutional amendment for popular vote. If a majority votes in its favour, the bill becomes law
2. Recall ⇔ A devise to enable to a people's representative to call the popular assembly consisting of all the adult members of the electorate of his or her constituency in order to listen to their grievances and redress them
3. Initiative ⇔ A devise which enables a specified number of people to draft a bill and send it to the legislature for its consideration. It is a positive power in the hands of the people to initiate a law which they desire to be passed
4. Plebiscite ⇔ A mode of securing opinion of the people's representatives in an assembly. It is a negative power of the representatives to put a check on undesirable legislation by the government
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