The difference between a multiplexer and a statistical multiplexer is

A. Statistical multiplexers need buffers while multiplexers do not need buffers

B. Multiplexer use X.25 protocol, while statistical multiplexers use the Aloha protocol

C. Multiplexers often waste the output link capacity while statistical multiplexers optimize its use

D. Multiplexers use Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) while statistical multiplexers use Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM)

E. None of the above

Answer: Option A

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Which of the following statement is correct?

A. Teleprinters are used for printing at remote locations, not for input.

B. Teleprinters are same as teletypes

C. Teleprinters are same as x400

D. Teleprinters have a printer for output and keyboard for input

E. None of the above